About our company

"Chills Cafe: Singapore's Premier Internet"
- GO Guides
Chills café is located at the heart of Singapore, with it's cosy ambience, clean and modern interior, it's no doubt an ideal setting for one's surfing, chatting, e-mailing and working needs. An added difference to the other internet cafes is the fact that besides providing internet access, Chills Cafe also offer book rentals and it is a non-gaming internet cafe.


Having recognized that the internet is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, Chills Café was started with the intention of providing the general public with a place to surf the net in a peaceful environment.

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Chills Cafe provides a range of books that is available for rental (upto two months!) other services offered includes faxing, scanning and color printing and we are Laptop friendly! Click here to find out the full range of services available at Chills Cafe. If you have a business proposal and would like to discuss it, email us the details, everything would be kept strictly confidential. Our staffs are efficient, friendly and approachable and guidance and assistance will be rendered instantly should the need arise.

Our Policy

Whether you are a student, a housewife, retiree or a young professional, we treat everybody equally. So get away from the sweltering outdoor heat and crowded streets, and come on in to relax and unwind.

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